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■ Property Management and Engineering Management Consulting Service

Consulting service is one of Datang Property Management Company 's featured businesses. By continuous involvement of the most experienced and specialized consultant team, Datang Property Management Company provides customers with professional solutions to property management issues and problems they have encountered when managing their own businesses, including market investigation and analysis, business marketing, financial control, staff training, etc. Datang Property Management Company could : Provide customers with various consulting services, including project management, leasing management, and management efficiency evaluation ; Facilitate the clients to establish their own property management teams, corporate culture and quality management system; Help the customer to improve operational efficiency on facilities; Present advices on vocational training programs and other relevant professional issues.

Consulting Projects:

Advices on engineering reconstruction

Help to establish property management companies, including form the basic constructer of a company, constitute its administrative regulations, determine its managing module

Scheme and organize staff trainings to make sure they are fully qualified to this market and profession.

Present marketing researches, property function orientation and target profit orientation.

Scheme leasing plans, instruct the leasing process.

Present amelioration advices on facilitates, perfect property's usage efficient.

Instruct clients to build their own ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and help them to get certificated.

Instruct clients to establish their own company culture and core ideas.

Present management assessment consulting services

Help clients with pre construction preparation, provide advices on blueprint and device choosing, help clients to approve and initiate a project

Help clients to manage engineering schedule and quality.

Present advices on construction according property usage functions, help clients save engineering cost and maximize the life span of facilitates.

Help clients build archives of relevant materials on project

Help clients recruit professional engineering technicians that fully qualified with their companies' need

Help clients with after phase engineering management.

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