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Principal Business



■ Property Management and Operation Service

Datang Property Management Company provides property management service for office buildings, hotels, science and technology industrial parks, port wharfs, medical treatment and nursing convalesces, etc. based on a case-by-case study to tailor the clients' needs. The principle of Datang Property Management Company 's practice is to make the service safe, convenient, intellectual and enjoyable as well.

■ Property Management

Maintaining the order in managing zone, including entrance guard , reception, secure patrol, supervision, fire control, etc.

Traffic managing, including traffic dispersion, parking lot management, elevator operation and safety issues.

Cleaning, including ordinary sanitary cleaning and disinfecting service, special services like reclamation and so on.

Environmental maintenance and greening, including the maintenance of plant zones, leasing and placing service, plants visual disposing on holidays and so on.

Maintenance of devices and facilitates, including the maintenance and repairing work of facilities that would keep or enhance the device's value.

Management of secondary decoration.

■ Property operation services

Business services, including:

Secretary service, such as typing, copying, binding, cahier, document management and so on;

Business agency, such as flight and train tickets reservation, business card pressing, hotel reservation, mail management, expressing, etc.

■ Hotel and restaurant management and operation

■ Highend and middling conference service, council chamber leasing and managing.


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