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Source link: SOHU focus, http://house.focus.cn/news/2009-06-01/685823.html

May 31 2009 is the tenth anniversary of Datang Property Management Company’s foundation.

On May 28th, hold a ceremonious celebration for its tenth birthday at the reference center in the Medicine College of Beking University. During the celebration, Datang Property Management Company presented its newly developed property management software as well. Many journalists attended and witnessed this memorable moment. Shi Li who is the deputy general manager of Datang Carera Investment Co. and the general manager of DPT presided the ceremony; Pan Haishen, the vice president of Datang Group, Jiang Yuchi, general manager of Datang Carere Investment Co. and Cui Yufeng, the clients represent make speeches on the ceremony.

Datang Property Management Company, founded in May 1999, is a modern service provider with Grade A qualification. Orientated as a management and consultant services provider, this company provides property management service, hotel management service, marketing service, and advertising service to various properties including governmental office buildings, highend office buildings, hotel and restaurants, residential zones, etc. Based on its experience, capable managing team, perseverance and aggressive spirit, supported by Datang Tele Group, Datang Property Management Company has been targeting to mutual development with the client and become a mature enterprise.

Datang Property Management Company has established the cooperation relationship with more than 10 governmental departments and enterprises, such as Datang Tele Group, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Transport Planning and Research Institute,China Railway Sixth Group Co.,,Logistic Service Center of Daxing’S People Government,Guo Tou Zhong Mei Tong Mei Jing Tang Port Limited Co. Ltd., Union Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

One of its projects, Scientific Research Tower of Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, has been granted the honors of “National Model Mansion of Property Management” by Department of Construction.

Many of its projects had been honored as “Outstanding Property Management in Beijing”. Datang Property Management Company provided the client with various highend reception services which had been highly appraised by the client, such as the project of Chinese Academy of Engineering where had been hold lots of national conferences.

Ke Yuan hotel, managed by Datang Property Management Company, is a well-equipped three-star hotel which is assigned as a designated hotel to serve Beijing Olympic Games.

Datang Property Management Company was one of the property companies that firstly certificated by 2000 quality management system. Based on the construction of the systems of quality, environment and occupational health, Datang Property Management Company passed the assessment of UKAS quality management system and environment management system and had been granted with the “Crown Certifications” of quality management system and environment management system, thus Datang Property Management Company became a member of UKAS system with mondial acceptance.

The ceremony of the property management software’s application on projects on this celebration represented Datang Property Management Company’s progress in management and service providing. The application of this software would give the client a new experience of property management services, and it is also of great significance in promoting the development of property management.

The newly developed project management software is developed in cooperation with strategic cooperator which is based on Datang Property Management Company’s years of experience on property management practice, practical requirement of project management and the idea of reconstructing the working and business procedures. The software is applicable for it is a combination of the standards of “National Model Mansion of Property Management”, management systems for quality, environment and occupational health, and Datang Property Management Company’s years of experience. It is noticeable that the application of this software involves lots application of wireless terminal units and devices, Datang Property Management Company is working on its application on 3G phones. Information and data will be encrypted and transferred by TD 3G signal between e different hardware, such as data collecting devices, web servers, data base servers and manager’s portable devices. Right now, the construction of business use 3G network has been done in the city, the data could be transferred any time rapidly for 3G’s capability of transferring massive data information. This is a brand new property management system whose application would facilitate servicers greatly in writing and controlling. The wireless terminal device is an important part for the software which will connect the client and service part directly supported by Datang Tele Group’s advanced techniques in telecom communication.

In the beginning, Datang Property Management Company assembled a specialty team consisted of business elites and engineering technicians to optimize the software’s work process by refiguring Datang Property Management Company’s property service process and experiences accumulated in the last ten years. The optimized work process could actualize: prophase management and property leasing management for clients which is the most impressive function of this software; focus on the process of business management, unlike the old traditional management software which functions by re-inputting relevant data after the procedure of on scene management, this software functions as a PDA loaded with relevant work forms and equipped with various wireless terminal devices which allow the engineering technician, the cleaner and device manager finish their records during or right after their working, those records which will be transferred to host computer would be a effective way to monitor or trace their work; easily be upgrade and upswing for it has got exoteric ports that could attach as much modules as more, next the developer is going to increase the data colleting module on water temp in and out air conditioners, amount of people inside and their demand for lights and energy which is an effective way to save energy, the application of wireless terminal devices will improve the efficiency and quality of property management for it could skip over those unnecessary procedures by recording detailed information right on scene; function as a standard regulation for the service; collect and analyze relevant data and information, such as the usage of conference rooms, leasing odds, assets, staff and so on. Later, Datang Property Management Company is going to working on its attachment to OA system which allows the manager to control relevant internal procedures on OA system. This software is superior in velocity and integrality which is the base of Datang Property Management Company’s competence in this business.

In short, it is Datang Property Management Company’s new task to build a property management service provider brand based on technique and science by optimizing service process and improving service velocity and precision. This is also the best way to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Datang Property Management Company’s establishment.


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