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As we all know, it is the routine work of water chillers’ maintenance to do a stop and start-up maintenance annually which I won’t discuss in details here. I am going to present a technical solution to those unexpected damaging suspends or stops caused by external failures other than routine maintenance.

In practice, “external failures” often refers to two factors: water and power. For water, there are internal circulate (frozen water circulate system) and external circulate (cooling water circulate system). The former one usually has a intenerating device which would permute calcium and magnesium and reduce scale deposit. This kind of mechanism is restricted to frozen water circulate system. The later often has an extra ventricular interface which could be easily stained and is not suitable for permuting system but integrated water processor which depurate the water by generating a high frequency electromagnetism. There are also some devices facilitated with ozonizer which would sterilize the water. Generally speaking, most cooling water circulate system have got a electronic water processor or a integrated water processor.

These two devices should not be neglected during the routine maintenance. But in practice, most maintainers tend to forget that. For example, some maintainers believe that chillers with electronic water processors do not need cleaned which is totally wrong, for the scale deposit would affect the whole cooling system. This misunderstanding led to frequent cleaning which reduces equipments’ shelf life and stability. The resolution would be employing technical means to strengthen the stability of the system, such as collecting and analyzing the statistic data of water quality in external circulatory system, finding the phasic characteristics of the data change and making curve diagram according which we would manage the drainage device installed on solenoid valve. By setting the opening and closing time and excreting in accordance with the curve, the maintainer would not need to discharge it manually. Another example is when softened water installations fails, whose controllers and multiple valves rarely fail, many users would rather just change for a new one. In fact, we can solve most of its failures by clearing the resin leakage outside of the tank in routine inspection and maintenance. For example, the reason why a softened device could not be restored usually dues to power failure; the reason why the water quality suddenly become "hardened" is generally caused by an inappropriate open of bypass valves or lack of salt. Therefore, the routine maintenance of water intenerating system should focus on "water, electricity, salt".

The factor of Electricity means the power source’s quality rather than issues of power supply. We ran into a case once that all the chiller sensors just failed simultaneously caused by the power failure of the sourced rectification mains filter, and some of which were abided by damaged emitter following out-put circuit. Thus we can get the conclusion that sensors’ failure often caused by instant affections on of inductive voltage to which the resolution would only be prevent measures for the failure is always instant and impossible to handle on scene.

There are two kinds of transmitters, electrical ones (4-20Ma)and voltage ones(0-5v). Generally speaking, most of the water cooling chillers are equipped with industrial use transmitters of 0.5 level. But the level of internal components and the design of electro circuit would be various dues to different manufactures. Like the broken transmitter I’ve referred above whose electro circuit design focused on precision but with no current restriction. The resolution would be adding a TVS on its power source. TVS has the advantages of faster response, stronger instant power, low odds of failure and so on. But in practice, the maintainer should choose the


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